Product Highlight: The Kitty Space Capsule

Meet the Kitty Space Capsule, our homage to retro spacecrafts and old-school sci-fi films. This capsule is a purrfect marriage of corrugated board, Medium-density Fibreboard (MDF), and acrylic. 

Kitty Space Capsule

The Design Principles

The idea is to create a cozy little private retreat for our furbabies. The internal space is designed to be compact, but never too small. The double transparent acrylic dome provides a huge sense of space. The entry is carefully refined to allow for easy in and out access. The four legs which hold the structural integrity of the capsule are designed to resemble the undercarriage of spacecrafts that are used during takeoff and landing. 

You may ask whether the Kitty Space Capsule would last since it is primarily made from cardboard. Well if there’s one thing that we can guarantee it’s that the capsule is indeed built to last. As always, the cardboard used at Carton Connection are specifically designed to be extra resistant to clawing and scratching, as well as bursting and tearing. To top it all off the robustness of this particularly model is also significant enhanced by how the cardboard and MDF components are combined, or rather, intertwined, giving the capsule an interlocking stability. 

The Rise of Cardboard Furniture

In our opinion, the Kitty Space Capsule is essentially a mobile furniture. The lean and minimalistic design ensures that it will easily compliment and provide a modern touch to your living room, or any room in the house for that matter. The middle section is also equipped with a built-in handle to allow for easy pick up and carrying. 

Cardboard scratchers and toys designed for cats have always been considered as a form of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). We can say with confidence though that products like the Kitty Space Capsule, the Kitty Kraft Wheel, and the Catonimium, our interpretation of the the cat condo, are truly different. These products are here to change the game. They are here to deliver a message that cardboard products are not always fragile and short-lived and that the idea of cardboard furniture can be made into reality. 

The Kitty Space Capsule will make its officially debut at the Pet Expo Championship 2022 on this upcoming 8 - 11 September. If you are in Bangkok, please feel free to come and meet us at BITEC Bang Na, Hall 100, booth P107-108. 

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