Product Highlight: The Roly-poly Tri-scratcher

Meet the Roly-poly Tri-scratcher, the newest edition to our interactive toys. As its name suggest, this ginormous scratcher (31 x 54 x 52.5 cm) wobbles. The shape has been masterfully refined through multiple iterative testing to ensure that the physics principles are working as intended.

A kitty with the Roly-poly Tri-scratcher

Most triangular and circular-shaped scratchers often contain what we call the "blind side" (see the image below), which offers minimal function and is not very pleasing to the eye. However, thanks to our latest high precision cutting technique, we were able to completely negate this used-to-be unavoidable flaw. As a result, all three sides of the Roly-poly Tri-scratcher are perfectly identical and fully functional.

The blind side

From another perspective, it may not be appropriate to label blind sides as a form of defect as they do add a variety of texture to the product which showcase the physical property of cardboard in its true nature. But from a designer's point of view, there are some products where eliminating the blind side is an absolute necessity in order to achieve symmetry, a sense of luxury, and most importantly, full function. The Roly-poly Tri-scratcher is one of those products.

Wobbling, in our opinion, is a relatively simple yet powerful mechanic that has been incorporated into toys since ancient times. We live now in an era where technology dominates many aspects of our lives, an age where there is so much emphasis on being innovative, especially when it comes to product design. But sometimes, it is nice to get back to basics and embrace the beauty of simplicity.

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