Official Introduction: Mini Roly-poly Scratcher & Mr. Camber

Hello friends. We're happy to announce that the Mini Roly-poly Scratcher and Mr. Camber have officially been added to our brand collection following the success of our campaign at the Thailand Cat Show 2023 @Central Ladprao.

No changes were made to the Mini Roly-poly Scratcher. While its size is considered to be small (30 x 38 x 15 cm) in comparison to the other models in our catalog, as its name suggests, its functions is anything but “mini”.

Mr. Camber, on the other hand, has been significantly upgraded as shown in the image below. The new size (31.5 x 40 x 8 cm) is much more generous, allowing for more scratching action. The original design, now referred to as "Baby Camber" will be available during exhibitions only. 

As always, we'd like to give you guys a little insight on the design principles of these little scratchers. 

The Design Principles

The idea was to create a small-sized scratcher that is durable and fully functional. While most small sized scratchers in the market are mobile and space-saving, they're rarely functional and are prone to tearing. More importantly, their lightweight often mean that they lack stability and would move around during scratching and clawing. 

The Mini Roly-poly Scratcher and Mr. Camber are designed to eliminate all the above-mentioned drawbacks. Both products have a decent weight for their sizes, making them extremely sturdy. We also used the same grades of cardboard used to manufacture our larger products such as the Kitty Kraft Wheel. 

The reversible design also gives them incredible versatility. One side emphasizes scratching and clawing, the other wobbles, offering a playful touch. We’re telling you, these small but mighty scratchers are purrfect as a daily driver for your furbabies. 

We thank you so much for showing love to these tiny mighty scratchers! There're not words to describe how much we appreciate the support and feedback that you've shown and given over the past year. 

Get the Mini Roly-poly Scratcher and Mr. Camber now from any of our online stores.




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