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Roly-poly Tri-scratcher

Roly-poly Tri-scratcher

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  • งานลูกฟูก Handmade in Thailand
  • ที่สุดของการลับเล็บ ผิวเนียนมีมิติ
  • คงทน กดไม่ยุบ ไม่เป็นขุย
  • ขนาดใหญ่สะใจ ใช้งานได้จริง
  • เป็นทั้งที่นอน ที่ลับเล็บ และอุปกรณ์เล่นฝึกการทรงตัว
  • มีให้เลือก 3 ลวดลาย


The Roly-poly Tri-scratcher is an homage to oldschool toys. As its name suggests, this ginormous scratcher wobbles. 

Wobbling, in our opinion, is a relatively simple yet powerful mechanic that has been incorporated into toys since ancient times. We live now in an era where technology dominates many aspects of our lives, an age where there is so much emphasis on being innovative, especially when it comes to product design. But sometimes, it is nice to get back to basics and embrace the beauty of simplicity.

If you are looking for a comfy resting area, a multi-dimensional scratcher, or a quirky and fun toy for your furbabies, look no further because the Roly-poly Tri-scratcher has it all. 


Corrugated board

Shipping & Returns

Shipment is generally initiated within 72 hours or less (10 - 14 for make-to-order products) from the date on which the order is received.

In the event that a product is found to be defective, whether visually or operationally, please provide a written notice of the defect and we will replace such defective product as soon as reasonably possible.

Product Dimension

Size: 31.00 x 54.00 x 52.50 cm
Net Weight: 2.65 kg

Packaging Dimension

Size: 34.00 x 57.00 x 56.00 cm
Gross Weight: 4.15 kg

Care Instructions

The Roly-poly Tri-scratcher requires minimal maintenance. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner to remove the shredded cardboard residue and cat hair at least once every one to two weeks.

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