Product Highlight: The Kitty Kraft Wheel

The Kitty Kraft Wheel is, without a doubt, one of our proudest creations. Toys made from cardboard are often associated with "fragile, short-lived, and rarely functional". The Kitty Kraft Wheel, however, is built to last and is fully functional. The incorporation of mechanical components into cardboard scratchers and toys has always been one of our goals. And this time, we believe we've finally achieved the purrfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.

The Design Principles

The core concept is to make the wheel fully functional without sacrificing aesthetics and most importantly, without compromising the use of cardboard as the main material. The wheel is designed to be extremely distinctive, but also lean and minimal to purrfectly compliment your living space. 

The use of our signature cutting technique to eliminate the so called "blind side" is prominent, providing the wheel with seamless and multi-dimensional texture. The body of the wheel is highly resistant to tearing, bursting, and bending. The Kitty Kraft Wheel is capable of handling a payload of up to 40 kg.

Safety is our priority. The Kitty Kraft Wheel is designed using engineering disciplines which focus on functionality, longevity, and safety. The mechanics of the wheel rely on Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and large ball bearings. Multiple iterative testing were conducted to analyze the angles and position of the bearing placement to ensure that the physic principles are working as intended. The shape and height of the base is carefully refined. Once the wheel is in working position, it would completely engulf the base, which prevent cat tail from being pulled or stuck. 

The Purrfect Instrument for Indoor Cats

Indoor cats need to expend their feline energy on a daily basis in order to maintain their physical and mental well-beings. Without their daily exercises, our furbabies would be prone to obesity which could lead to medical complications such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and neuromuscular disorders. Cats that remain mostly inactive on a daily basis may also develop feline depression and phycological problems which could manifest in destructive or aggressive behaviors.

This is where the Kitty Kraft Wheel comes in. An exercise wheel can help our cats stay more active which in turn, would enhance their physical and mental well-beings. According to experts, our furbabies require at least 15 minutes of daily exercise. This could be anything from walking, running, or playing, anything that gets the heart pumping. The Kitty Kraft Wheel can provide the daily exercise routine to cover that fitness requirement.

It's worth mentioning that the Kitty Kraft Wheel is not meant to replace feline-human interaction. The wheel is essentially an acrobatic instrument that our furbabies can use whenever they like, especially when you're not around or if you're someone who work or travel a lot.

Training our Furbabies

Every cat is different and there's no way to guarantee whether they'll take to the wheel right away. We are a firm believer that regardless of the breed, habit, or energy level, some training will be required. The key is to be patient. We suggest using enticements such as treats, food, or their favorite toys.

We'll be completely honest, training your kitties to use the exercise wheel can be challenging, but it's definitely worth it. The Kitty Kraft Wheel is a fun, safe, and challenging acrobatic instrument that can enhance the physical and mental well-beings of our furbabies.

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