About Us


Carton Connection was established in 2021 to become a top of the line manufacturer of cardboard cat supplies. Our mission is to redefine cardboard craftsmanship. We are very proud of the engineers and craftspeople who design and handmade every piece of product that leaves our factory.


Our products are characterized by clean cut patterns, unique print designs, the utilization of single face corrugated cardboard, and the incorporation of medium-density fiberboard. The design of each product involves the dissection and manipulation of cardboard's mechanical properties to find innovative and sustainable solutions. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a purrfect balance between aesthetics and functions.


Cardboard scratchers and toys are often viewed as a form of fast moving consumer goods. Aesthetics and symmetry are rarely emphasized. But our view is completely different. We believe a cat product should contain elements of furniture and interior design. Specifically, they should never appear as a foreign object in a living space. This is where the concept of cat-centric cardboard furniture comes in. 
By combining materials such as medium-density fiberboard and acrylic with cardboard, a purrfect balance of durability, aesthetics, and function can be achieved. The result is a new dimension of cardboard craftsmanship. Our products are designed with the aim to create harmony and balance in your home, and to demonstrate how humans, cats, and spaces are intertwined.


The idea of cardboard furniture is dated back to the 1950s. In the past, the idea that cardboard could be attractive, durable, and also practical when it comes to furniture design was controversial. But times have changed. Our cat-centric cardboard furniture is proof that the idea is no longer an artistic concept. It is becoming a firm reality. Moving forward, many of our products will be specifically designed to be utilized by both humans and cats for different purposes. This is going to be one of our main focuses in the future.