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แคโทสเฟียร์ “Catosphere” มิติใหม่ของบ้านแมว 

  • งานลูกฟูก Handmade in Thailand
  • การผสมผสานที่ลงตัวระหว่างกระดาษลูกฟูกและไม้
  • โครงสร้างแข็งแรง รับน้ำหนักได้เกิน 20 กก.
  • รูปทรงกลม 3 มิติ เนียนเว้าสวยงาม
  • ภายในเหมือนที่หลบภัย ให้ความรู้สึกผ่อนคลาย
  • เหมาะกับน้องแมวทุกขนาดและทุกสายพันธุ์


To celebrate the company's 2nd anniversary, we've decided to challenge ourselves with an entirely new design concept. The idea was to create something new and profound, something that would redefine cardboard craftsmanship. Eventually, we arrived at the idea of a three dimensional object, a sphere to be specific. We want the product to be robust and furniture-like. The presence of the product should add a great deal of sophistication to a home environment. 

Two sets of legs were incorporated to ensure structural integrity and to give the product as well as the surrounding area a sense of openness. To take things to the next level, the product is positioned at an angle, which significantly enhanced depth perception. As a final a touch of playfulness, we designed the upper section of the front legs to resemble the ears of our furbabies. Once again, we opted for our signature combination, cardboard and Medium-density Fiberboard (MDF). The cardboard components forms the spherical body while the MDF component is composed of the two sets of legs.

The Catosphere is a love letter to everyone who's supported over the past two years. We thank you with all our heart.


Corrugated board and medium-density fiberboard

Shipping & Returns

Shipment is generally initiated within 72 hours or less (10 - 14 for make-to-order products) from the date on which the order is received.

In the event that a product is found to be defective, whether visually or operationally, please provide a written notice of the defect and we will replace such defective product as soon as reasonably possible.

Product Dimension

Size: 43.00 x 50.00 x 53.00 cm
Entrance Diameter: 32.50 cm
Net Weight: 3.00 kg

Packaging Dimension

Size: 47.00 x 51.00 x 56.00
Gross Weight: 4.65 kg

Care Instructions

The Catosphere requires minimal maintenance. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner to remove the shredded cardboard residue and cat hair at least once every one to two weeks.

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